欢迎光临黄鸭市场! We are a full-service boutique marketing agency specializing in 品牌, 研究, web design and marketing strategies designed to maximize ROI. We serve a wide range of clients––large and small––with a wingspan from the Carolinas to Washington and clients from New York to Florida, and we’d like nothing more than to help you focus and expand your business.


Feel free to click around our website and learn more about us. Meanwhile, back at the Duck Pond, we’ll be dreaming up new ways to promote our clients.



看看bet9九州体育登录网址的投资组合吧. 这些鸭子和许多非营利组织合作过, 房地产开发商, restaurants and other mid-sized businesses from across the country. 

  • 标志设计

    Sometimes clients only need one thing – a new look for their 品牌. Whether it’s a small business or apartment community, we offer “express” logo packages […]
  • 摘要城市

    摘要城市 came to the ducks wanting a sleek leave-behind for the metropolitan residential division of Lat Purser & 的同事. 黄鸭的设计团队交付了一份 […]
  • 威利

    黄鸭营销命名, 品牌ed and provided community and public relations for 威利, a new $200 M 90-acre multi-use development in South Charlotte developed by Crosland […]
  • 金普顿

    金普顿 Hotels was the original boutique hotelier in America and was founded in San Francisco in 1981 and just entered the Charlotte market in November 2017. […]
  • Cainhoy黑

    The Ducks were given the opportunity to create a full-scale strategic plan, 品牌, collateral and website for a property located near Daniel Island, 南卡罗来纳. 后 […]
  • 卡托巴语土地保护

    卡托巴语土地保护 celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016 and wanted to show off the progress and important mission by unveiling a new 品牌 and website. […]
  • 料斗社区

    The 料斗社区 team originally came to the Ducks to create a unique name, 品牌, collateral package and website for its newest for-sale townhome development near […]
  • 中心城市的合作伙伴

    Charlotte 中心城市的合作伙伴 and Charlotte Department of Transportation released an RFP for marketing firms to help 品牌 and promote protected bike lanes and bike commuting […]

Keep up with the latest thoughts and trends from the web design, 平面设计, 品牌, 市场研究, 社交媒体和数字营销行业.

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Take a minute to think of your typical commute to work or even a day filled with running errands. 无论你是在开车经过一个广告牌,呼叫 […]


It’s our favorite time of the year again: Gi文g Tuesday, which is on Nov. 30. We had such a great time supporting nonprofits last year that […]


If you’re in the marketing world (and maybe even if you aren’t), 你已经不止一次听到“视频时代”这个说法了. 博客、文章和 […]
  • 凯尔diPretoro
    工作ing with 黄鸭营销 was a tremendous experience. They were highly recommended and I was well aware of their past work, 但他们的组织超出了我的预期, 专业, 创造力, 和执行. They had a diverse set of offerings that provided us with a menu to choose from allowing for a complete overhaul of our marketing from web design to print materials and more. 他们也非常乐于助人(而且很有耐心)!) when it came to requested alterations as well as changes in scope as we moved through the process. I would give 黄鸭营销 my highest recommendation!
    Owner, dP Development; Consultant, BRD Land & 投资
  • 安玛丽雷蒙德
    Yellow Duck was our guide through the process of re品牌 from A to Z. 从最初的电话到bet9九州体育登录网址第一次见面, the Yellow Duck team intuitively took us through a strategic creative process. From internal organizational strategy to community input and stakeholder engagement and beyond, 黄鸭子从bet9九州体育登录网址的新名字中创造了一切, 标志设计, 信笺和bet9九州体育登录网址新开发的网站. 感谢黄鸭, we were able to successfully launch our new name and 品牌 to the community in a smooth and seamless way. 没有他们,bet9九州体育登录网址不可能成功!
    Vice President of Organizational Advancement for 一个地方
  • 雪莱山脊路
    在bet9九州体育登录网址和黄鸭子的工作中, we feel fortunate to have a design and communications partner that is both very capable and responsive to our needs. 无论是在一个新的活动上合作, 支持bet9九州体育登录网址对附属发展的需求, 或者为一个特殊的活动制作通讯材料, the Yellow Duck team gets the job done and exceeds our expectations. Ha文g Yellow Duck as a reliable, can-do design partner allows us to work more efficiently as a team. Because of their expertise and flexibility to address the growing needs of our organization, we can count on them to deliver a quality product on time and within budget. We get the personalized service that a small design agency offers combined with the big talent that you would expect from a larger firm.  
  • 邦妮,克里斯,大卫和阿斯森特团队
    We just wanted to send a heartfelt Thank You to Yellow Duck for all of your assistance, 协调, 创造力 and ideas over the last couple of months as we try to provide support to our 威利 merchants and community during this COVID crisis. Yellow Duck has been a pillar of tenant communication and support during this time and it is genuinely appreciated!  Yellow Duck has always been an excellent partner at 威利 – but during this particular point in time – your partnership has been extremely beneficial in keeping the community updated.  We could not have provided all of the support we have been able to provide to the 威利 merchants and surrounding community without your help. bet9九州体育登录网址只是想花点时间说声谢谢!    
  • Yellow Duck really helped us bring the vision of our 品牌 to life by creating 品牌 elements that embody the mission, 菲奥伦萨的价值观和情绪. They developed a strategic plan and 品牌 assets that made it easy for us to stay consistent with our 品牌 and our message. We are able to share exact colors and fonts with companies when ha文g signage or other materials made so that everything is consistent and clean! A big part of our 品牌 focuses on streamlining the customer’s online buying experience on our website to become the “Carvana” of homebuilders. Yellow Duck helped us to hone and build a website that embraced our unique vision. 最重要的是, it’s not a “we pay you to do this and you do it” arrangement – it’s a true collaboration, 这是bet9九州体育登录网址的爱!
    - Adam Fiorenza, byFiorenza Communities的负责人
  • Before we hired 黄鸭营销 our materials were outdated and unprofessional.  他们的指导和专业知识, bet9九州体育登录网址现在有了帮助教育的材料,  通知和看起来棒极了! The staff at Yellow Duck are creative and very easy to work with on projects. We are excited to continue our relationship with them and create additional products in the future.
    ——夏洛特市的Erin Oliverio
  • I have had the pleasure of working with 黄鸭营销 on two public engagement projects. The 创造力 shown in their deliverables and their ability to adapt in everchanging worlds is truly impressive.
  • 黄鸭营销 is a first-class boutique marketing firm with a team of very talented creative professionals. They are capable of working several projects simultaneously while always gi文g your their best work and making you feel like their only client.
  • The recognition we receive is due in large part to 黄鸭营销. They have done great work for us and I recommend them if you ever need marketing support, especially considering all the real estate and community building work they do.
  • They worked closely with our company to establish what our needs were and designed a solution that was unique to us. I have worked with many agencies during my career and they are one of the first that I felt actually listened to what our needs were.
  • 我的公司最近经历了一个重塑品牌的过程. 后 meeting with many agencies we made the wise decision to partner with 黄鸭营销. They were very thorough and ensured that every step of the process went smoothly.

    - Liz Patterson, 切尔德里斯克莱因的市场经理
  • 我非常喜欢和黄鸭团队一起工作. They always had the most creative and fun ideas for our projects and their energy was contagious! 他们对每一个细节都了如指掌, 确保在过程中进行沟通, 而且不超出预算.
  • The excitement leading up to the opening of Tupelo Honey Cafe in South End took on a life of its own on social media and in the local press.
    - - - - - -美食评论家
  • Yellow Duck provided us with an exceptional web solution that is user-friendly, 现代且易于导航. Not only did they deliver a unique design, they delivered it quickly without sacrificing quality.

  • Their concepts lined up with exactly what we were looking for. 作为一家多家族管理和发展公司, it proved to be beneficial that Julianne had experience in this industry and understood our overall goals for practicality for the website. 在整个过程中, Laura and Angela were very responsive and willing to help with content and editing. The project was well-organized and we executed our schedule as projected. We are very happy with the final website and everyone from 黄鸭营销 continues to be extremely helpful after the project is completed.  

拿起电话,给bet9九州体育登录网址留言. We love to hear from our clients and those interested in our services. 有一个问题? bet9九州体育登录网址来回答这个问题! 现在是时候把你的事情安排好了!