In late 2019, Onslow County Partnership for Children, a nonprofit based in Jacksonville, N.C., 找到bet9九州体育登录网址想要重塑他们的组织, 服务于昂斯洛县及其周边的家庭和儿童, 尤其是勒琼营周围的军人家庭.

Although Onslow County Partnership for Children had been around for more than 20 years, 他们纠结于几个不同的问题:

  • Confusion about their name – people assumed that it was a government entity rather than a nonprofit.
  • The name and branding needed to fit better with their mission in order to inspire hope in families and secure donors
  • Because Onslow County’s population is quite transient due to military families moving in and out, they also felt that the name needed to be clear so that people could easily identify what the organization is about.



bet9九州体育登录网址主持了一个三小时的节目 发现开始 与OCPC的几名员工一起进行了品牌审计. We talked through the challenges with the name and the current logo and led the staff members through creating their “brand sandwich,发展他们的电梯游说, 明确他们的使命,确定他们的目标受众.

他们还写下了组织的个性特征, bet9九州体育登录网址把它写在便签纸上, 然后用彩色点标出最重要的四个特征, 这是:

  • 充满激情的
  • 有远见的
  • 种类
  • 有趣的

We presented them with sample fonts to get their input on which ones they felt were on brand for what they envisioned for the organization and walked through scaled traits – for instance, 从1到10打分, 1是严肃的,10是顽皮的, 您如何评价您对新品牌的设想?” – and looked at Pantone color swatches to talk through which ones they felt best represented the new brand.

在发现会议之后, bet9九州体育登录网址采访了其他利益相关者以获得他们的意见, 包括董事会成员, 志愿者, 社区合作伙伴和过去的雇员.

“When our organization celebrated its 20th Anniversary and yet the community continued to be confused by our name and why we existed, bet9九州体育登录网址知道bet9九州体育登录网址需要一个大的改变,安·玛丽·雷蒙德说, 同一个地方组织发展副总裁. “bet9九州体育登录网址有目标和愿景, 强大的核心价值观, focused on organizational health and had been providing two decades of services in Onslow County. What we were missing was someone to help us pull all of those pieces together to tell our story.”



在发现过程中, staff members shared that they and the board of directors had come up with a potential new name – A Place for Hope – which they were concerned may not be too distinctive enough. They asked us to vet the name but to come up with new options that evoked a sense of hope. They also felt that “a place for hope” might be better as a tagline than an organization name.

bet9九州体育登录网址的创意人员在公司内部开会讨论如何命名, coming up with nearly 100 names that fit with the vision they had for the new brand. We vetted those names as well – looking for other organizations with similar names that might cause confusion and domains that were already taken – as well as evaluating how clearly they could explain the mission of the organization. We chose our top five names to present to the OCPC staff, providing the rationale for each name. The staff chose one of the ones from our list but also suggested two others that we tested with Onslow County residents through a 市场研究调查 向公众. We paired each name with a tagline that would provide more context for the organization. 最终, the name we suggested – One Place: Connecting Families and Resources – received the top response.


  • 感觉我可以去那里寻找资源,认识新朋友. 我喜欢它听起来的样子. 这是邀请.
  • 伟大的. it’s like saying families can get what they need in One Place and not have to travel to various places to get it. 听起来对家庭来说很方便.
  • 知道所有东西都在一个地方让我很舒服.
  • 清晰易懂的. 来到一个地方. 与家庭资源建立联系.
  • 这让我感觉更乐观. 不管你家里发生了什么, 你可以为资源而来,没有人会对你有不同的看法.

We discussed making the name a little brighter by bringing the “hope” aspect into the tagline and the name became One Place: Creating Hope for Families.



名字一定下来,bet9九州体育登录网址就搬进去 标志设计. 原来的昂斯洛县儿童合作组织的标志里有一个太阳, 他们喜欢这个想法,但也希望看到其他选择. 通常, our first round of logos is presented in black and white but since they needed to present them to their board of directors, bet9九州体育登录网址选择了一个彩色故事,展示了五个黑白和彩色的logo. 董事会一致认为logo A和logo B是他们的最爱.

Logo A used the idea of a patchwork quilt to represent the different people and resources that the organization brings together. The lines symbolize connecting points and the sun encased in the pattern represents light or a beacon of hope in a busy world.

Logo B包含了一个同心圆形状的太阳图标, representing the ripple effect of how helping a family can make waves of change in their lives and in the community over time. The circular icon also symbolizes a warm embrace and the creation of a safe space.

The board ultimately chose logo B but requested that “hope” be in blue and the rest of the tagline in yellow so that the word “hope” is the most legible.




一旦确定了品牌,bet9九州体育登录网址就能继续前进 网站设计. 除了更新品牌,One Place希望bet9九州体育登录网址这么做 整理网站 为了使它更加用户友好,以及重写一些内容.



bet9九州体育登录网址举行了一个网站启动仪式, 会上,bet9九州体育登录网址讨论了员工对新网站的愿景, 以及公众在使用网站时遇到的挑战. 基于这个输入, our interactive team created a timeline for a website launch and a new streamlined website architecture.

Our web designers worked on a new homepage mockup that would incorporate the new branding and offer a fresh and clean look that would be more appealing to users. They also felt that a lot of the important information on the website was buried and they wanted it to be easy to find from the homepage and navigation. The homepage design needed to make it clear that One Place’s priority was young children and setting them up for success.


网页设计的时候, our copywriters reworked content from the old website in consultation with the staff. 一旦主页和内部页面的设计被批准, bet9九州体育登录网址的互动团队开始建立网站, 其中包括超过30页的服务.

一旦网站建立和批准的内容输入, bet9九州体育登录网址的互动团队测试了网站的可用性, accessiblity compliance and mobile-friendliness before sending it to the staff for final review and approval. bet9九州体育登录网址在2021年3月1日启动了整个网站. 你可以在这里看到完整的互动网站: http://www.oneplaceonslow.org/.



We coordinated the launch of the website with the announcement about the new name and brand for One Place, 也发生在3月1日. 这包括社交媒体上的帖子和图片 新闻稿 被送到当地媒体, 名片和文具 是bet9九州体育登录网址预先设计和印刷的,而且是新的 标志. bet9九州体育登录网址期待他们作为One Place继续取得成功!

“《bet9九州体育登录网址》是bet9九州体育登录网址从头到尾重塑品牌过程的向导. 从最初的电话到bet9九州体育登录网址第一次见面, 黄鸭团队直观地带领bet9九州体育登录网址经历了一个战略创意过程. From internal organizational strategy to community input and stakeholder engagement and beyond, 黄鸭子从bet9九州体育登录网址的新名字中创造了一切, 标志设计, 信笺和bet9九州体育登录网址新开发的网站. 感谢黄鸭, we were able to successfully launch our new name and brand to the community in a smooth and seamless way. 没有他们,bet9九州体育登录网址不可能成功!——Ann Marie Raymond, One Place组织发展副总裁