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步入正轨:布鲁克 Waddy Q&A

满足bet9九州体育登录网址的交通 & 资源管理器, 布鲁克 – a former 平面设计er and type A Crossfitter who helps the Yellow Duck team stay on track with client projects and deadlines. 当她不做黄鸭项目的时候, catch her working out or spending time with her husband Lesley and their cats, 查理和特立独行的.


A:我从林奇堡学院毕业,得了B.A. 在平面设计. 大学毕业后, I spent about a year working at an agency and print shop before deciding I wanted to go back to school. I went to Georgia Southern University where I earned my M.F.A. 在平面设计中也是如此. 我开始在AvidXchange做平面设计师, 很快意识到没有适当的过程, and it was a very organic transition to Creative Production + Traffic Manager. I’m still very passionate about design and still do some freelance design from time to time for friends and close family.


Q: How does your background in graphic design help with your current role?

A: Having a background in graphic design helps tremendously because I understand the design process from start to finish. I know from experience the amount of information needed for different types of projects, bet9九州体育登录网址是否拥有太多或太少的满足, 我可以帮助估计这个项目需要的时间. My 平面设计 experience really helps set me apart from most Traffic Managers who have more of a project management background with no true experience in the design process itself.


Q: What are some characteristics that a good Traffic Manager should have?

A:作为交通经理, you have to be very organized and realize that the company and clients are relying on you to make sure projects are done on time and within budget. You must always be forward-thinking and ready to step in if a project is behind or if there is a roadblock that wasn’t anticipated. And lastly, you have to be levelheaded; project management really is about solving problems. 如果你能在压力下保持冷静, it will allow you to solve the problem sooner and without as much disruption as possible.



A:在黄鸭餐厅, bet9九州体育登录网址使用Teamwork作为bet9九州体育登录网址的项目管理软件, which allows us to input tasks for each teammate working on the project as well as keep track of time allotted for each task. We have Teamwork set up so that when the task before yours is checked off, you are notified that you can now work on your step in the project. This has been instrumental for keeping projects on track and on time.



A: I start by sorting through emails and reviewing our project management tool for projects due that day. I spend the first 30 minutes to an hour making sure I’m aware of the important projects for the day and blocking any time to production route or set up projects in Teamwork. I check in with our designers to see what their main focuses for the day are so that I can account for any new projects that come up. We talk through priorities and make sure that they don’t have too much or too little work. 我剩下的时间就是做新项目了, 回顾创意简报, assessing workload for our designers and assigning out any new work that needs to be completed. If we have projects that are in the final stages of completion, 我将确保它们在生产路线上, approval forms are ready and then checking in with printers and other vendors that we might be using. I’m always in contact with our account managers and designers to make sure all projects are being communicated about and that everyone is aware of where we are in the process for each project.


Q: Do you have any tips for others to become better at communication and organization?

A:列表,列表,更多的列表. I’m very much a type A person; I always have a notebook with me. I have three lists that I keep track of daily: current workload for the designers, 什么项目是在生产路线或印刷, 以及当天需要完成的工作清单. I love checking off and crossing off work so for me it’s the easiest way to keep track of everything and stay on top of all the moving parts and pieces at the agency.

Q: You love to stay fit; tell us about your favorite workout.

答:我每周有四到五天早上6点去做综合健身. I’ve recently been attending Hot Power Yoga classes as well once a week too. Picking my favorite CrossFit workout is easy, that would be Grace. I love a heavy barbell workout; Grace is 30 clean and jerks for time at 95 pounds. 但从传统意义上来说,我喜欢好薯片. 这是一种典型的锻炼次数递减, an example would be 50-40-30-20-10 reps of three to four different movements.


A: It honestly depends on what mood I’m in; I really listen to any and everything. If I’m working out, I want something to pump me up like “‘Till I Collapse” by Eminem. 如果我坐在车里, I want something I can sing loudly with the windows down, 比如亚瑟的《bet9九州体育登录网址》和艾维奇的《bet9九州体育登录网址》.



A:人民——毫无疑问,是人民. 刚开始的时候,每个人都很热情,乐于助人. It had been almost five years since I was the new person at a company, 在大流行期间开始的, 所以每个人都还在家里工作. I was very nervous about connecting and building relationships in a remote environment, but everyone was so friendly and willing to answer any and all of my questions (and I had a lot). 当面试, I told Julianne that I wanted to be part of a company that was more like family than co-workers and that’s exactly what Yellow Duck is: a family.